Nov 30, 2017, A Platorm for Trading Revolution the revolution of trading is looking to disrupt not only the cryptocurrency industry, but the finance and entertainment arena with its initial coin offering (ICO). The group has initiated its pre-ICO token sale today, which follows on the heels of its recent appointment of entrepreneur and billionaire, Chien Lee.

The addition of Mr. Lee represents a key stroke for, which has quickly gained traction ahead of today’s token sale. He is a majority shareholder in French football club, OGC Nice, representing a combined three decades of global entrepreneurial and venture capital experience.

Mr. Lee will be joining’s board, which currently consists of experienced businessmen and veteran thought leaders from across the financial services industry. In total, the cadre brings top-tier knowledge from their industries acquired at the highest possible levels, and are all invested in making a long term success of pursuing a P2P trading platform

In light of myriad inefficiencies across exchange trading platforms, has looked to unveil one of its most ambitious projects to date – a newly launched P2P trading platform harnessed by blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology garners several unique advantages over traditional models, given that it allows for the decentralized exchange of digital data between its peers featuring an incorruptible ledger recording all transactions. The process is fully transparent at all times, as the transactions are fully traceable, irreversible and incorruptible.

How can’s add value to financial investors?

Ahead of the platform’s launch, has undergone a pre-ICO token sale starting today, with the Trade Token being fully available at a pre-sale discount until November 25, 2017. In particular, investors will have the opportunity to buy their own Trade Tokens and will thereby join the liquidity pool of the company that is rather unique in the crypto world.

Those who join the liquidity pool will have a share in the profit of the company and will get payouts directly in to their e-wallet. Moreover, the technologies being introduced by are unique. Consequently, the company is introducing a pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, which is forecast to disrupt the financial markets.

They are looking to accomplish this by using decentralized blockchain technologies to distribute wealth. This technology and launch constitutes a real game changer for the industry, which will look to disrupt the existing status quo. Despite the large number of ICOs pervading the crypto scene, has taken extensive lengths to diversify itself from the crowd. Its board members are planning for the long-term, which is reflective in a forward-looking strategy.

As such, the team has already acquired a range of companies from different industries who intend to utilize the company’s technologies post-ICO. These are companies who have made a public commitment to even before the pre-ICO was launched.

For example, THB Holdings is launching an innovative Super Sport Race Franchise called The Human Baton, and has aligned with partners who have worked alongside superstars such as Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. Other first adopters include UK-regulated financial firm Primus Capital Markets as well as food and beverage firm Tail & Fin in the states, amongst others.

Long-term strategy

Interested individuals are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the group’s whitepaper, which can be accessed via the following link. The token sale will go a long way in helping achieve’s goals with the proceeds forming a foundation for its upcoming agenda.

This includes the aggregation of FXPRIMUS’ & Primus Capital Markets’ resources, intellectual property and capabilities. Additionally, the group will look to procure a US broker dealer license to support advisory, fundraising and IPOs in a regulated environment. also intends to obtain a Swiss banking license and additional financial advisory licenses such as a US FX exchange license. This will facilitate the development and integration of blockchain technology for the exchange into legacy systems, including MT4 starting with FXPRIMUS & Primus Capital Markets.

Finally, proceeds from the token sale will look to develop the front-end trading dashboard, wallet, the integration with blockchain back-end and the legacy system integration. This will also enable the introduction of new products suitable for the exchange and Trade Token’s future usage. team team has extensive knowledge about financial markets. This team have been in banking for over 20 years working at UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citi and this team members have been at Harvard University, Yale University, Dartmouth University, Oxford University and University of Pennsylvania.

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HDAC, IoT Contract Platform Based on The Blockchain

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices. The term is closely identified with RFID as the method of communication, although it also may include other sensor technologies, wireless technologies or QR codes. The IoT is significant because an object that can represent itself digitally becomes something greater than the object by itself. No longer does the object relate just to its user, but is now connected to surrounding objects and database data. When many objects act in unison, they are known as having "ambient intelligence."

What is HDAC?

HDAC is an IoT contract platform based on its own blockchain that’s more IoT friendly. It runs separately from the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols and is based on hybrid blockchain technology that offers a wider range of capabilities to ensure reliable connection and secured processing between devices. HDAC stands for Hyundai Digital Asset Currency.

IoT devices powered by HDAC will mean more actionable data to improve lives, businesses, and governments. A good explanation of usage is on the video below.

Hyundai BS&C is currently building an apartment complex called Heriot that will use HDAC. The blockchain and technology is created through the cooperation of Hyundai BS&C, DEXKO, Doublechain, and Hyundai-Pay.

Interesting ICO?

This project is not another Ethereum token but a stand-alone blockchain. They have a huge company behind it and actually they raised over 13,000 BTC already in pre-sale in China. Internet of Things is already a huge niche that sooner or later will change our lifes. The Internet of things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data. HDAC partnered with Hancom Group (the Microsoft of Korea), MODA group, KRP transactions, Worldwide Medical and Oasis Lending Service from Korea. The future looks exciting for this project.

ICO and Token Allocation

Blockchain based IoT platform backed by Hyundai
0.1 BTC = 1,800 HDAC
ICO runs November 27, 2017 - December 22, 2017
840,000,000 total available / 12,000,000,000 total supply
13,000 BTC raised in pre-ICO

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Nov 5, 2017

Aion Network, The Third Generation Blockchain Network


Blockchain technology is evolving at breakneck speeds, faster than the Internet itself. However like the earliest days of the web, there are still problems that prevent adoption by mainstream organizations, namely isolation as a result of the need for privacy.

The first generation of blockchain were built as alternative currency platforms, such as Bitcoin launched in 2009. They offered cryptographically secure peer-to-peer digital transactions verified by a decentralized global network and recorded in an immutable public ledger.

The second generation of blockchain were designed as networks on which developers built blockchain based applications with more advanced logic. The best example of this is Ethereum launched in 2015.

AION Network

First and second generation blockchain are a lot like PCs in the 1980s. They show immense promise but have not yet realized the value of being connected to each other in a seamless global network. That’s where Aion Network are today.

The next generation of blockchain will allow disparate blockchain networks to communicate with each other for the very first time. Think of it’s like a computer network providing a protocol and standard for dissimilar systems to communicate. The implications of this evolution will be massive bigger than the proliferation of the internet itself.

Aion is the key to unlocking that future. The Aion network is the world’s first third generation blockchain. It will be able to pass information logic and value among participating blockchain as freely as liquid assets on traditional blockchain, but where every transaction occurs on chain.

So how does it all work?

With the Aion network blockchain will be able to be customized, created, and connected whether for existing or for the numerous blockchain yet to be built. Aon will be the ecosystem in which they coexist and communicate. The network provides federated interchain communication of both data and value to ensure security regardless of scale. At the core of the Aion network is the world’s first dedicated public enterprise blockchain, Aion-1. Designed to connect other blockchain as well as manage its own robust applications. Both on chain and Inter chain logic will be supported.

Aion-1 also provides the economic system that incentivizes the exchange of logic and value. It’s all fueled by the Aion token.

AION Token

Aion token will be used to develop applications, build bridges, create new blockchain, and secure the overall network. The Aion network is also designed to connect with the main Ethereum blockchain allowing Aion tokens to traverse chains between Aion and Ethereum seamlessly.

Moving forward, just about any blockchain platform can become Aion compatible and gain these capabilities. The applications for such an ecosystem are limitless. The Aion network will transform cross organizational functions like supply chain management. It will streamline communication between health providers. It will securely bridge government entities across the world. There are already hundreds of blockchains around the world. In the near future, that number will grow to thousands and eventually millions. Without interoperability, none of the technologies promise can be fully realized. Aion are building that framework now. The Aion network will allow mainstream players to achieve not only interoperability, but at the scale and level of security required. When it comes to blockchain technology the best really is yet to come. To learn more about how Aion are building the first third generation blockchain visit

ICO and Token Allocation

Q4 2017, with Presale October 3rd.
Total Token Supply: 465M Tokens.
Foundation+ NUCO: 40% (185M Tokens).
Public: 60% (280M Tokens).

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